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We are a global supplier of aluminium alloy ingots to a wide range of industries.
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We apply intelligence, resources and logistical capabilities to meet the growing interests of our customers.

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Our Service For Customers

FAMI ALUMINUM is a global supplier of aluminum alloy ingots to a wide range of industries.

We are a renowned supplier to a wide range of industrial consumers with principle customers in:

Automotive          Ship-building
Food Packaging   Construction
Agricultural          Drinks Packaging

Our network of offices spans different cities, which means we have access to large quantities of aluminum alloy ingots from across the globe, enabling us to provide a continuous flow of quality aluminium ingots to meet the growing needs of our customers.

We manage risk and logistics to get our products where they are needed. Our logistics department works closely with our traders to bring products to market efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, we don't take speculative risks and use financial techniques to lock in profit and limit our exposure to absolute shifts in metal prices.