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We are always here to help. The staff at FAMI ALUMINUM are dedicated to ensuring that our customers always experience fast reliable service that helps them stay up to date on their deliveries and in full control of their business. If you need to speak to someone, just give us a ring. 

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Long Term Relations
Our customers expect a lot from us and so they should. Our focus is on helping you grow your company by providing non-ferrous metals in the specification and quantities you require. Our long standing relations with our customers is testimony to the value we provide. Whether you are a smelter, refiner or manufacturer our focus is helping you get the materials you need for your business.
Market Intelligence
At FAMI ALUMINUM we demonstrate our commitment to service by providing you with access to the latest market information. Our experts constantly analyse non-ferrous metal markets and future statistics and have full visibility into adjacent market pressures such as global trade and foreign exchange, and their impact on non-ferrous metal prices and availability.
Dedicated Customer Teams
Each member of our staff, involved in servicing your business, undergoes intensive training to help improve the quality of our service. As a FAMI ALUMINUM customer you will have access to a dedicated relationship manager from our experienced sales team who will coordinate everything for you, ensuring you have the information you need to manage your business effectively.